Virtual and Telephone Appointments

Virtual Appointment vs Telephone Appointment: What you can expect?

 Virtual Appointment
  • Virtual appointment will allow you to video call your provider via your telephone, tablet or computer
  • Using your phone, tablet or computer, you will get an email or text message with a link to your visit
  • You will have to agree to all consents

  • Click “Join Visit” and your Virtual visit will begin.

Telephone Appointment
  • Telephone appointment will allow you to speak to your provider via your telephone
  • The day of your appointment expect a call from a blocked phone number

  • Most visits start with the Medical Assistant taking your history

What you should have ready before your virtual or telephone appointment.

  • Have you medication bottles with you so we can have them refilled and ready when you need them.
  • Discuss any form requests (this can take 5-7 days to complete)
  • Have your health or dental insurance cards 
  • Have a list of questions you may have to review with your provider.

Our quality of care is the same regardless of whether you are seen virtually, over the phone or in office. You can expect to discuss you health history, reason for your visit , answer questions about your physical well being and ending with a treatment plan. For more information on Telehealth, click here: English & Spanish

What to do when your sick?

  1. Can I schedule a same day appointment?  Yes, call 401-722-0081 and book your same day appointment, they are first come, first serve!
  2. Can I use Express Health if I am not a current patient?  Express Health is open to everyone Monday-Friday by appointment ONLY and Saturday is walk-in only, (first come, first serve).
  3. Can I schedule a COVID test? If you are a current BVCHC patient experiencing COVID symptoms, your provider will book your COVID test. If you are NOT a current patient, you can be tested during your Express Health visit, Monday-Friday by appointment ONLY and Saturday is walk-in only, (first come, first serve).